Equestrian Warmblood Breed Buckle

Dutch Warmblood Breed Buckle (Black Steel) shown with orange belt reversable to black.
Available Buckle Colors: Gold, Bronze, Stainless
Belt Strap: Sizes 24-36.
Available Belt Strap Colors: Black, Tan, Brown, Navy, Orange


Equestrian Warmblood Themes are the “In” Thing!

Equestrian style clothing and accessories are making big news these days, even if it is a niche-centric trend. The rustic element combined with a lively country theme is an irresistible combination for those willing to experiment with fashion and test the waters by stepping out of their comfort zone. Buckles were an underrated and rarely worn accessory some years back, but the scenario has changed drastically in recent times. This Dutch oval Breed Buckle is a fine example of how Equestrian themes continue to evolve with time.

Main Features:

• You can sport this chic and extremely attractive buckle to casual parties and get-togethers – it is time to stand out from the rest by becoming a trendsetter!
• Works perfectly with outfits – great chance to flaunt your Equestrian Warmblood avatar, with the buckle completing your overall look and adding that “extra touch”.
• A sleek and gleaming polish heightens its aesthetic appeal – we stock them in gold, bronze, or stainless finish.
• Keep it upbeat and intriguing – pair the Warmblood breed buckle with a variety of belt straps in colors such as black, tan, brown, navy, and orange. Sizes from 24 to 36 (inches) are also available, so take your pick for a snug, comfortable fit.
• Experiences less wear & tear than other varieties in the market – authentic leather of premium quality is used for the belt straps, to enhance longevity.
• It is lightweight and compact with a clean silhouette and solid structure, while the design is intricately etched to emphasize the theme in a subtle, understated manner.
• Looks highly classy and elegant, thereby making an excellent gift for your male buddies!

So if you are an Equestrian enthusiast, please check out the beautiful Dutch Horseshoe Breed Buckle and place your order right away.

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