Small Stirrup Earrings

Stirrup Earrings with buckle and center diamond
Post style earring with diamonds 0.22cts, 14k yellow gold

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Small Stirrup Earrings with buckle and center diamond


Feel brilliant, and add sparkly shine to your outfits with this beautiful studded Stirrup Earrings, from Rococos. Stylish and elegant, this is surely an exquisite earring accessory for special occasions, or for any day of the week.


It’s a simply stunning 14k yellow-gold earring, adorned with genuine center diamonds and a buckle design that will make you feel radiant all the time. Get this comfortable, sparkly bling on your ear, for the natural beauty that you are. It is very easy to put on or take off, and won’t fall off easily. It would also make a gorgeous gift for that special someone in your life.